Victorian Regional Manufacturing Supports the Employment of Geelong and Ballarat Residents

Everyone enjoys a positive story and we are happy to share this one!

As a Regional Manufacturer here in Geelong, we appreciate the ability to provide employment for Geelong and Ballarat residents.  Our aluminium windows and doors are all manufactured here in North Geelong and we thank our clients for supporting Regional businesses such as IWS.

Zac was a young local Geelong resident who had been looking for a stable full-time job for many months.  Due to increasing productivity, Innovative Window Solutions were seeking a reliable employee to fill our Factory Hand position and received Zac’s details from Peter at G-Force Employment Solutions at Corio.  Zac had no previous manufacturing experience but at his interview commented that he had always hoped to have a job using tools or in a factory and would appreciate any position IWS could offer him.

This is Zac’s first permanent job and over the past few months he has learnt a variety of new skills.  Match this with his determination, willingness to learn and a great sense of humour and the outcome is extremely positive – proof that sometimes we all just need to be given that first opportunity.    Additionally, local businesses and agencies working together can have a powerful impact on improvement and growth in Regional Victoria.

Welcome to the team Zac, great to have you with us!