Geelong aluminium doors & window manufacturers FAQ

Our experienced aluminium window manufacturers in Geelong can answer all your questions about commercial and residential aluminium doors and windows. From window and door frame styles to materials, colours and finishes – our friendly team is happy to offer our advice and recommendations.

What are the lead times?

Lead times may vary depending on each individual project. Your project co-ordinator will be able to advise you on an estimated commencement and completion date for your project.

What are the aluminium windows and door frame colours available?

We provide powder coat colours from the Dulux or Interpon ranges. We also have a variety of anodised frame colours available.

What are the glass types?

Innovative Window Solutions offers single-glazed, double-glazed, low-e glazing, frosted and decorative glasses.

Can you supply custom-made aluminium windows and doors?

Absolutely, we specialise in residential and commercial aluminium doors and windows.  We can either supply only or we can supply and install your windows and doors.

Awning Windows vs Louvre Windows – what would best suit my home?

Before making your final decision – there is some handy information at the following link from Breezway.  If you have any questions please speak to your architect/designer or one of our Consultants.  The difference between awning windows and louvre windows. 

Do you supply timber door and window frames?

No we do not – only aluminium windows and door frames.

What are thermally broken frames?

Simply, thermally broken frames are window and door frames with a section that does not conduct cold or heat. This means the conditions outside or inside your door or window do not transfer to the other side. In winter the cold stays outside and the warmth inside, and vice-versa in summer. Windows and doors with thermal breaks improve your building’s insulation and its energy efficiency.

Do you have thermally broken frame systems?

Yes, we supply thermally broken frame systems for residential aluminium doors, commercial windows and doors and residential aluminium windows.

What is energy efficiency and U-Values?

To help explain more on energy efficiency and ratings please watch this video produced by the AWA (Australian Window Association) or talk to one of our experienced consultants.

What is an awning sash?

An awning sash is a wind-out style window. Ask our aluminium window suppliers about different window styles.

What is a reveal?

A reveal is timber surrounding the window on the inside which accommodates an architrave.

What is a subsill?

A subsill is flashing under the window which allows for water drainage.

What is head flashing?

Head flashing is attached to the top of the window to assist with drainage.

Will my new windows and doors meet Australian Standards?

Yes – Innovative Window Solutions’ windows and doors are manufactured to meet Australian Standards.

What is the best way to clean my glass?

Depending on the type of glass used there are some recommendations.  The most common types of glass we install for clients are EnergyTech and SolTech.

There are some general hints and tips for cleaning your glass which can be found at the following link:

Cleaning instructions

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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